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  1. Hey there everyone. So a couple of weeks ago I made a posting about a big 4res public farm. I will be going through with this (I've been inactive as of late), but I will need some users to help me keep it going.

    You see, I've been having some worrisome issues come up in my personal life and as of now I've been given a year to live and only a 20% survival rate if I can pull through. It's not really something I can or will get into, but it doesn't look too good for me.

    EMC has gotten me through a lot and if I don't make it, I'd like to leave a lasting thing in the community- what better than the public farm? I'll be continuing with it for as long as I can and get it all set up, but if you'd like to help run it, please shoot me a private message. It will be on SMP1, and it's a 4square of residences. I'm working on digging out the last residences and then continuing on with the maze at the bottom before working on the actual farm part. I'll post updates here for you all and maybe have a big drop party on the grand opening celebration!

    It's been great knowing you all and I hope we can work together to help the community one last time!
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  2. Hey Momo, my thoughts will be with you nomatter what it is you are going thru.
    Don't worry too much, be positive!
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  3. Aww Momo, you were one of the first friends I made when I joined EMC. I have nothing but love for you. Positive thoughts on your journey, and I will be happy to help with your project.
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  4. *wipes tear from eye*
    I cri evritim, Hope you at least have fun with the project!
  5. Hey, remember there is hope. A few years ago my mother was given a 10% chance of living (and that "living" would be in a vegetative state), now she is not only alive but healthy and able to live a normal life.

    I hope you have a long, happy life. :)
  6. Momo I'm happy to help