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  1. Hey whom ever reads this please tell a staff to read this as well. My name is ninjakiwi721 i used to play on empire about 2 years ago i was banned for griefing and i said some things to a staff member that should not have been said. I was wondering if some one would unban me for these 3 reason. The first reason is i have matured a lot. The second reason is i would be a gold member like I was previously so i would pay $10 a month. Finally I have stopped playing minecraft all together about a month after my ban the reason I stopped was because i realized that there isn't a better server i searched the web for a month trying to find server that was as good as this one. Its like the saying " You don't know what you have until its gone." That saying was so true to my case. I know i probably just wasted my time writing this but what the heck it never hurts to ask. So if you would please unban me that would be great thank you

    - Ninjakiwi721
  2. First: pm the mod/admin that banned you
    Second: you donating doesn't make a difference, EMC cares about the rules, not just the money
    Third: your right were the best server out there :p
  3. Not the proper way to appeal, I don't know who banned you, but, if they are no longer a staff member, PM IcC. If they are still a staff member, just PM them.
  4. You need to start an appeal with the mod that banned you, it should list their name when you attempt to log in
    2nd it was 9 months ago you got banned emc itself is only just over 2 years old.