Hey Everyone. This is Goodbye.

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  1. I don't know if many of you will know me, I doubt anyone who started playing on the server since SMP2 was started will even have heard of me. I've been a Gold supporter for ages, and I used to be a very active emmber of the community, but after literally months of not playing it's time to call it an end. I guess that my biggest achievement was building so much of "The Spire", my failed attempt to provide Residences for players who were homeless, although teh addition of other serves solved this problem. I also managed to create a fairly large underground city like compound, but it's only 25% of what I wanted to do. There are a lot, and I mean absolutely tonnes of resources to be had from this. Over the next month I intend to tear everything down and give it all away. I also have over 100k Rupees which will need to be divided up and given away. I may be leaving but I don't want to do so without giving something back. This is a fantastic community and one of the best servers I've ever played on, but I just don't have the enthusiasm or commitment to play anymore. I miss the intimacy of SMP1 when it was the only server, being able to come online and people would say Hey because they knew you.

    This isn't to say that there's anything wrong with the size of the community now, just it's no longer as appealing as it once was. Thank you to everyone I've ever interacted with, to the admins who protected us, and to both Justin and Jeremy for providing me with this outlet for my creative side. I will decide later how my money will be divided up. As for the resources, I will put everything into chests and you can fight amongst yourselves for it once my plot is empty. Thank you everyone, it's been good.

  2. Nooo! Its always sad to see someone leave :(
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  3. I'm sorry but I just don't have any passion anymore. I think I'll just raffle off my money, and leave all my items in a small pit and people can jump in, basically a lucky dip. Thanks for all the memories everyone.
  4. I hate to see someone leave :(

    I knew you, we were best friends! I hope you remember me... And hope you give me some rupees :p
  5. Where is this "Special Event"
  6. *Cocks Gun* I will not allow this.

    But for real, I will miss you, as will many others I'm sure.

    Remember 8/2/2012 the day

    Left :(
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  7. We Will All Miss You Dearly
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  8. Sand to see you go Johnny! I hope that maybe your passion will come back.
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  9. I'll put up another thread once I've actually torn down my residence and got evrything in order. Until then, adios.
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  10. :( Sad to see ya go. You will be missed.
    /r pay xI_LIKE_A_PIGx all my rupees
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