Hey everyone im new :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by tanino, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Im tanino and I just joined this server.I look to make some friends and I dont know which server to move on :(
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  2. Welcome! I recommend smp1!
  3. Welcome, make sure to read the Empire Guide! You should take smp5!
  4. What marknaaijer said, but SMP6.
  5. Hello! You're destined to have a great time on the empire minecraft servers! Also, you might also want to try smp1.
    (My home server)
  6. Welcome! Smp1 ;)
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  7. Welcome and join a server that needs more ppl lik 6 or 8. :)
  8. Welcome to the server. Just remember, smp2 is the best.
  9. Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b
  10. Hello there tanino, nice to meet you. I am MissMadison910, and I am from smp6. Smp6 is one of those servers that only ever has about 8 people on when every other server has about 20, but I do recommend moving there, since there are amazing people to meet. If you ever need anything, PM me here, and ask for whatever it is you need.
    You MUST have a great time here ;)


    P.S I suggest reading the Empire Guide.
  11. Welcome, smp2 is a great server. I am Zoebearfun105.
  12. Welcome, you will find that every server is great!
  13. Welcome to the Empire.
    I suggest finding any server out of the 9 available to you as a free player.
    If you want to join us on smp1, I am typically there for extended periods daily. :)
  14. Welcome man!
    Like Twitch, any server!
    In my biased opinion
    *cough* smp2 *cough*
  15. Welcome to the Empire! d=:cool:
  16. Welcome, join any server you want to, smp1-smp9!
    *cough* SMP3 FTW! *cough*
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  17. Welcome To the Empire!!!
    Smp3 *Sneeze*
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  18. Wow... I hope you all are covering your mouths... By the way, welcome to the Empire! Personally I suggest that you become a supporter and make your home on Utopia, but any other server will do. If you ever pop onto Smp 1 then stop by my eclectic res on 1801. I'll be sure to start you off with a welcome gift.
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