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  1. Hello everyone!Im New to MC and emc, i joined today. My Youger brother MrSmiley99 showed me EMC, and MC. Btw i am not good at Minecraft, i started yesterday :p Please dont be annoyed if i ask for help in-game about what to do. Thankyou!
  2. Hey Bro welcome to EMC, since you gotta go footbal now, when you get back, read the empire guide, and do the tut. Okay?
  3. ah brothers, i wish my bro played MC :(. anyways..

    Welcome to the Empire!
  4. (Insert generic welcoming comment here)
  5. Welcome bro!
    I like when friends/brothers play toghether :D
    Well, if you need anything just ask the well-known members, we are good people! :p
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  6. He doesnt even have a skin yet :D
  7. I shall make one! What skin does he wish?
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  8. I, do not know, he likes spongebob? Or a basketball one?
  9. Spongebob or Basketball... I can do Basketball player. I'll try. I'll PM when done.
  10. Welcome to the Empire Sam_Clam. Good to have you.
    Your brother is a very respectable supporter and I hope that you will show the same style of character. :)
    If you need help, ask any of our members. The worthy ones will be willing to help you. Also, remember Staff members are here to help with community issues more than Minecraft questions. :)
  11. *Slam_Cam23 :p
  12. Im respected here! =D Yay!
  13. I'm Sure Mrsmiley99 has introduced me to you.
  14. he hasnt been on yet
  15. nah i havnt
  16. Welcome to the Empire! Don't worry, I an secretly a well-known member as well. I'm just blue on the outside.
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  17. Im Well-Known and the inside and out
  18. Then your bother gets perm banned for being rude to lots of people...
  19. lol?
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