Hey EMC!!!!!!!!! =D

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  1. Hey people! Even though I'm not new (I just turned 400 days old) a lot of awesome players like maybe you who don't play on Smp1 don't know me too well.

    I'm minecraftgirl30. I'm much younger than my profile says I am, but yes, if you don't believe my username, I am a girl =P. I'm really in to Minecraft, especially the computer edition.

    Out of all the multiplayer servers I've been on, EMC has to be the best. I've met so many other players that seem super friendly, and my cousins, brother, and friend are all members. The staff obviously work hard to keep the environment awesome - I couldn't ask for more!

    I own one residence on Smp1 (2634 Hotel-Cafe-Lounge-Shop), but also help run ThePieNinja3000's residence (756 Resort). I'm in to running "businesses" like these that keep the Empire a great place, and I hope to be a moderator on this server when I can.

    I'm also starting an event in the South Outpost of the Smp1 wild - Smp1 Wilderness Mining Camp/Village. With the help of others I'm building a town where people can stay for a small fee and mine along with some mob hunting. See my thread on the forums!

    Sorry, I not exactly what you would call a simple person - this thing was longer than I thought it was going to be =P. Thanks EMC!!
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  2. Hello... I've seen you around SMP1 before! Your post was nothing compared to the paragraphs I've seen on some people's intros. not that that's bad