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  1. Hey :D I haven't really done this before so im going to do it in dot points :)
    . I have been playing minecraft since it first came out in 2009, or when ever it first came out.
    . Female, Irl name: Jaimi \o3o/
    . I live in Australia, Brisbane with my 2 sisters, mum, 4 ducks, a cat and my blue tongue lizard Charlie
    . My very first res was 18822 with my bff, Chocchip321
    . I absolutely LOVE My Little Pony :) (if you cant tell by my signature)
    Im open to any questions in the comments

    (I was going to type out my WHOLE emc life but, it would be too long)

    Special thanks to, Iamkhatru, chocchip321, overlord124, alyattayla, southpark347, darkangledav for being awesome friends. Sorry if I missed you out

    Thanks for reading :D
  2. Jaimi!!!!! Wut is ur favorite ice cream xD
  3. Cookies and Cream ftw!
  4. Jaimi why do you love pony's so much ?
  5. As a child I didnt have many friends excetp my My Little Pony dolls which my mum got for me. 12 years later I have collected 90% of the generation 3 dolls, then I came across My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic and thought it was awesome :3 so yeah
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  6. Well isn't that cute ;)
  7. What do you name your 4 ducks :D
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  8. What is the meaning of life?
  9. 42 or melons. duh
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  10. If you had 1 million dollars to give to charity, what charity would you give it to?
  11. If you could choose anything in the world, How many Penguin tails would you get?
  12. Fix'd. ;)

  13. Mordiecai, Francis, Penelopey and Lacey :3
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  14. For me its my family and friends :) im not good with those deep questions xD
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  15. Red Cross :D
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  16. Hmmm, I would get a new PC and just 1 penguin tail and put it on a string so I can hang it from my bag :)
  17. Wai you so mean to me :confused:?
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  18. why do you have so much meat?
  19. Nuuuu! im not, I like to joke around with ya ;)
  20. I wonder why... >.<