Hey, Animations?

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  1. Hey everybody! So today I was munching on some pizza and worrying about an assignment for school that I lost. I was quite bored, so I decided to re-enter mine-imator! So I've made a simple 6 second animation. I do have some problems, and if anyone has any experince with mine-imator before, please advise me how to fix these problems! Here's the video! :)

    What do you guys think?
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  2. I like :3
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  3. good, very good, a lot better than most of mine xD most of the time, the swords fly back into the owner's hands xD
    if i were to improve it... it looks like you have the force, and potatoes are magic ;P
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  4. ty! ^.^
    potatoes are magical! :O
    Yeah, I forgot to say my main problem in the thread post. I dunno why the potato is bouncing back towards me and then going back to the ground. :(
  5. So epic. I have no clue how to make these! To the batcave! (Ok I'm sorry, To The Computer!)
  6. hmm... could you upload the MANI file, I might be able to help :)