Hey all :3

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  1. Hi all im sorry to say this but im leaving Empire Minecraft just because i dont see so much action.. or attention should i say ? I dont really know :D... there are some pretty cool people in the community but mostly unpleasant people for me =]
    So the only people i shall play with from now on are my irl friends :3
    I have really been quite busy lately since i started school and work so cya never i guess?
    Farewell everybody i had fun while it lasted and all.. I wish you all happy stuffs and good luck in life <3
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  2. Cya, good luck with any future endeavors :).
  3. Later tater
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  4. Give us a day or two. The reason we've had a lack of action is everyone updated to 1.0. We shall be updating soon and the action will be back up. :)
  5. What the big man said. Everything's slack at the moment because of people who updated to 1.0.0 for an exploratory mission of the features. My suggestion: Wait until we update, wait... say about a week? Then decide whether you like us or not after you've seen the face of the general populace.
  6. I know what its like but i just dont have enough time for Minecraft anymore.. So kiss kiss bye <3
  7. Everyone has time for Minecraft!
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  8. Happy stuffs and good luck to you too Ashley!

  9. Hopefully, you'll return once you've finished your exams and what-not. :)
  10. Never put Minecraft in front of the important things... just an advise