Hey, Aerokill here. Here's what I've been doing over the past year!

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  1. Hey, I've been around for over a year now, but I figured I should tell you guys about what I've been doing for the past year on EMC.

    I've been working on a few residences that are designed with fun in mind; I have a few rupees to spend, so am always working on improving each residence. Currently at 13439, SMP6, there's:

    - 4 Mazes, Piston powered
    - A Rollercoaster (~3 mins)
    - A Speed Run, timed
    - A Museum, maps with item frames
    - A medium sized shop, fully stocked, which looks like this!: https://i.imgur.com/YaRhc1z.jpg
    - And a whole lot more! Including Pixel art and

    There's also a Members' Area (100r access), which has an additional:

    - 4 Mazes, Piston powered
    - A Rollercoaster (~1 min)
    - Block Frenzy (Puzzle)
    - Premium Villager Trading, Silk Touch trades everywhere!

    So if you're ever bored, come to 13439, SMP6!

    I have also designed a Puzzle Cube on SMP1, 2334, which has 10 puzzles, each getting progressively harder.

    It includes the following
    1. 3x1 Maze, navigate your way through the maze to find the entrance to puzzle 2
    2. Speed Run, run through the course and get to the end before the doors close!
    3. Ice Walk, a jumping puzzle, with Ice!
    4. Sequence Maze, find the 4 buttons and press them in numeric order to open the door!
    5. Question Time, answer 6 questions about Minecraft, if you get it wrong, you start from the beginning!
    6. Light Race, race the light beam to the door! If the light beam wins, the door closes!
    7. Hidden Path - 6 pressure plates, only 1 is safe to walk on.
    8. Death Run - Like the Speed Run, but harder!
    9. Darkour - Parkour in the dark, with difficult jumps
    10. Freefall - Fall to the floor from high up without hitting anything!

    There you have it. These took me a while to make! So I hope you have fun!

    They're all free!