[Hexxit] Lets play time!

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  1. i mean really its hexxit! what more is there to say?

    And here is episode 2 :)

    And at long last episode 3

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  2. Nice vid, I will certainly keep up with the series!
  3. This looks really good so far, I'll be watching the series!
    Edit: you've just earned another sub :D
  4. i might be interested in doing a dual LP with u if u r interested :D
  5. You have my attention! Pm me if you want to but you will have to set up the server to do it cause every time I try it just doesn't work XD
  6. Hey everyone episode two is up!
  7. episode 3 is up! (finally!)
  8. So that's what your voice sounds like...
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  9. What I enjoyed: You obviously know what you are doing in Minecraft and Hexxit.

    What could use improving: Maybe cutting out the bit where the world was loading as it was quite boring. Also you could have waited to record after rendering or whatever you were doing in the background as the lag does show. There was also alot of moments of silence in the commentary, maybe write down a list of things to say or bring up if you run out of things to say. Your mic was alright, maybe work on speaking up a bit.
  10. Ahahaha yeah...\

    thanks for the feed back :) ill take your advice
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