Herrow EMC :)

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  1. I usually don't post in the 'introduce yourself' threads, but I'm bored. :p

    But anyway- HELLO PEEPS!

    I like to pretend I'm a smart, 'pro' Minecrafter. I like to chat. If anyone wants to skype it up while building or something let me know via PM. =] I get bored on MC without talking.

    Recently started a Desert Wilds Town. Very new, but very awesome. (If you want to be apart of it ask about it.)

    Have a humble store @6027. A castle on SMP3. My wilds town on SMP8. And a decent lil' castle at LLO on SMP7.

    Well here is a couple things I've dont GFX wise. 1 is a WP for EMC and the other is my current WP (me and my friend's initial. It's incomplete)

  2. Awesome ads! :D
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  3. Hey! Like you lil' castle.:)
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  4. ^_^ *wave*
    Lol, thanks.
    You're welcome to come and build or check it out anytime.

    And don't be afraid to skype poeple. :p
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  5. Digital Five!
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  6. hello
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  7. NOLE! When the servers get back up you need to get on SMP8 and join mah town :p
  8. I Only Came On Briefly Because i have school in about 39 minutes
  9. The servers are down right now anyways. =P So I guess later than.