Herro ;)

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  1. Hey guys, im new to the empire, just waiting for the servers to come back online so i can start my adventure :)
  2. Hey, welcome to the Empire! Have an amazing time here! :)

    The servers will be offline for about 2 hours then you'll be able to join us. Please remember that the Empire is still on 1.2.5, although we will be upgrading to 1.3.1 as soon as possible.

    While you wait, I advise you read the Empire Guide, it really does hold the answer to most questions!
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  3. Welcome to EMC, please, enjoy your time here! :D
  4. Welcome to our community, I hope you will enjoy your stay. :)
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  5. Welcome TheGreenKronic To The Empire!
    We hope U stay long and Active
  6. Then again, maybe i know you all already ;)
  7. Ooh, the possibilities of an alt!

    As long as you aren't robot_chicken_66 I'm happy to welcome you to/back to the community.
  8. It's Justin, RUN!!! :O
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  9. We're all gonna die!!!
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  10. Its Green_Mystery!

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  11. Oh, this is going to be fun to watch :D ;)
  12. Oh, the possibilities. ;)
  13. FFFUUUUUUU lol.
  14. Lol i dont think Green is the type to name himself after a drug...:p
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  15. Welcome to the empire...And is that another green user? Wowzers.

    As long as you're not Copherfield (he was a very nice user on here, and then he requested to get banned and tried to make all of the users move to his server and make the mods look bad. But he failed :D) i'm fine with you being an alt (if that's the case) :p
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  16. Welcome, I'm uh... running low on words, but welcome!
  17. Welcome, enjoy EMC.
    Wonderful shops on smp2,
    Friendly people everywhere you go.
  18. As soon as he joined, servers went down?


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  19. maybe cause he's magical ;)
  20. The cause aliens "someone post the guy from history channel on the iPhone at this momment" back on topic
    Welcome to EMC, hope you have fun and see around maybe in town or the wild who knows :p