Herro everyone!

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Do you beleif i can fly?

Yes because i am stinkin awesome 1 vote(s) 11.1%
No because i would break my legs 1 vote(s) 11.1%
Esdesesessrdt!!!! 4 vote(s) 44.4%
What the heck are you talking about? 3 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. I am iforgotmyname01 aka Blue. Im kinda a nobody on this server, which does not suprise me at all. I love minecraft and zelda. My res is 10034 on smp5. I have a shop that has ridiculously low prices and is perfect for starting a farm. Also i belief i can fly!!!!!!!
  2. Welcome to EMC (insert name here),
    Please read the guide & rules if you are not so sure :)
    We hope you have a nice time (insert name here).
  3. Welcome my friend, have fun wont you?
  4. I hope you can fly, but not by using a mod!
  5. I just wanna kill zombies