Herobrine on my single player map!

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  1. So i updated to 1.4 early which means i cant play on EMC. So i decided that i was going to make a new world. I set my game mode to survival without cheats and bonus chests. I typed in a random seed i cant remember (xD) and spawned on a beach. I didnt get to take any screenshots because I wasn't thinking right after what happened. So continuing, i spawned on a beach. Weird because every leaf was trimmed off of the trees. I thought it was very suspicious. I went farther and found some redstone torches in a mine i had discovered. I had never placed anything redstone-like, i haven't found any redstone. I went back up because i got creeped out. Then i saw a sign. Blank. I got really creeped out at that time. I also have no mods or texture packs. I then made a boat and got in it and rode away. I then found a tiny island with some more redstone torches. Also saw a small staircase about 3 blocks down in between some grass. Then it leaded to a very deep staircase down to gold level. Then.....I saw a nameplate near me...in the staircase.....I went further down and I spotted those white eyes....the nameplate said Herobrine . I then was frightened so i quickly left the world and deleted it in an instant. Weird right? This is all true, i had no mods and no screenshots but i really did spot him near bedrock. I hope he doesn't return to another one of my worlds.
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  2. You can check the seed with a mod i think...
  3. Seems legit.
  4. I dunno how to download mods xD alot don't
  5. Look it up then, i guess.
    EDIT: I would think most would think you are BSing unless others try out the seed or you have screenshots... which you seem to have a lack of both
    EDIT 2: Hmm also seems weird that you "deleted the world in an instant"
  6. Im really not lying i just typed a bunch of numbers in and spawned on that beach. I really dont know how to download mods or texture packs. I also dont know how to view screenshots from mc. I have looked it up and failed
  7. screenshots: type this in on "search programs and files" on the start menu.
  8. Is seeming less legit....
  9. Your story isnt true. Herobrine wasnt thought of by Mojang, and he doesnt have a nameplate. He digs straight Herobrine tunnels, not staircases, he can only be seen with the render distance on tiny, and he builds pyramids out of sandstone. He doesnt place redstone torches OR strip trees. I think your faking it.
  10. Alright alright i admit it, i was trolling. I'm very sorry. I was bored and just thought of doing this. So yeah this is the first time in my 180something days that i have trolled someone. Again, im sorry and lets all forget about this post. Please return to your normal viewing. And can i ask for a mod to shut this post down? Sorry all for trolling.
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  11. I know my Herobrine. Also, you go into your files, type in %appdata%, then go into a folder called "saves". If you delete your world from Minecraft, it will still be in the saves folder. You dont need WinRar, or any mods and downloads to do this. Right click the folder that you named your world, and click extract files.

  12. If this REALLY is a herobrine sighting, then hit F3 and you will find the seed on the debug screen, and post it here. Until then, I will call this attention seeking.
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  13. Its not a Herobrine sighting!
  14. I knew you were trolling, I found it funny anyway.
  15. I gave my reasons:
  16. Whoops! I saw the post and jumped straight to challenging the claim. My bad. I thought it was attention seeking though.
  17. Ladies and Mentlegents we have been trolled.
  18. This was my thought the first time I saw this:
  19. Hypnotoad.gif
    obey the hypnotoad. * you did see Herobrine
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  20. I saw Herobrine.

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