Here we go. They are down.

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Mindlegokid, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Minecraft servers are down again...
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  2. Yup, looks like time for Forza....... again
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  3. i was just about to post about this
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  4. I am still in :p
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  5. Dang again. Lol its fine today. Gonna watch the RedZone for 7 hours all day with no commercials. Best day ever every sunday-Football
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  6. If your in the server it wont kick you out. However if you leave and try to rejoin then you wouldn't be able to rejoin.
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  7. Gosh dangit... I was just about to sign in....
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  8. I was in, until I switched to my alt. Dang it!
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  9. Eeeeeep, what am I going to do? Time to build an appocalypse bunker...
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  10. Mojang. Learn how to control your own game...
  11. Me: I Think I'll go play minecraft
    Mojang: NOT TODAY!
  12. is up so only so long until they are all back!
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  13. Can someone link me the page to see if they are up or not
  14. Why Mojang Why!!!
  15. I think this is a server hardware update like the ones on dragoncave...
  16. They are making progress... is back up
  17. Nope, nothing about that from Mojang, they're investigating and bringing it back up ASAP