Helping The Defenceless

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  1. Hello All, Kilmannan has decided to take up the task and help some villagers out with some clean running water, Shelter, Food, Security and food. I have jumped aboard to help these helpless villagers become strong and free from these monsters!

    We will try and update this topic with pictures and story from the days event like a diary you could say, I help you all stay posted to see our progress!

    Here's how it started:

    "Kilmannannnn! Do you have your fathers sword" yelled his mother, "Nooooo" Kilmannan said in a sarcastic voice. His mother walks to the window discovering him with his fathers sword practising on a dummy in the yard. " Dont you break your fathers sword you know its his favourite" said his mother, " Yes mum" he replied. He continued to train on the dummy he felt one with the sword as if it was apart of him he could feel the power run through his blood, his veins he felt he could take on the world laughing to himself.

    Later that night the family sat down for a feast his mother, father, sister and brother. The table consisted of brightly coloured candles with roasted big in the middle. "Mum, Dad " he said " I want to become an adventurer." Silence fell over the table not even a critter moved nor squeaked. "B-b-b-but your becoming a farmer like your father and his father before that," his mother replied shocked at the thought of him leaving the farm. "But i want to become a adventurer, explore the world i don't want to stay here and live a dull life" Kilmannan replied. "NO!" his mother yelled. Kilmannan stood up and stormed up the stairs and to his room slamming it behind him

    Hours passed and Kilmannan was just laying on his bed staring up at the ceiling thinking to himself wondering if he could ever become a famous adventurer, just then he herd creaks slowly coming up the stairs and towards his room, 'Now what' he thought to himself. The door slowly opened to find his father standing at the door with what seemed to be armour, a sword and a bag. "Son your mother and i have talked and we have decided to let you follow your dreams, to become an adventurer this is what you want right?" he asked "Yes! this is what i want" Kilmannan replied without hesitation. "Okay well i have a gift to help you on your travels this is my old war armour, sword and a book i want you to have it" said his father "But this is your favourite sword" He replied. "I've seen you with it, you remind me from when i was young it's time it was passed down to you." His father approaches him with the armour, sword and book and places it in Kilmannan's hands, "Oh and i forgot this is also for you" his father replying grabbing a big grey sack from behind the doorway. "Be safe my son" and without warning Kilmannan jumped up and rapped his arms around his father with a tear rolling down his cheek, a truly happy moment for him

    The Morning arrived and with that Kilmannan said his goodbyes to his family and friends. He looked like a solider with armour on, his sword by his side and his bag he was off to explore the world or so he thought. He started walking, not looking back but forward he decided to march North. He has herd many tales from members of the town, creatures such as the Creeper, Skeletons, Zombies, Giant Spiders and most of all....... Enderman. Some say they are from another planet not from this earth, others say these are just tales to scare young children but he did not care, he was careless.

    Day time was ending and it seemed it was time to set up camp, his first time in the wild, alone. He found himself a cave which looked pretty safe he was about to go out and forage for supplies when he realized he had the grey sack which he forgot about. The sack contained Flint n Steel, Wood, An Axe, Pickaxe, Spade, Torches, Wool and some pork. He was Ecstatic and so very very grateful for his family to give him such things. He positioned the wood together and used the flint, click click went the flint as he hit the fire a sense of safety surrounded him. Kilmannan relaxed and laid down next to the fire and decided to look inside the grey sack to see if he could find something else he may have missed. As he rustled through the sack he grabbed the book which he forgot about the book seemed old, very old the seams were coming apart and the pages were stained. The tittle read 'The Creatures Of Empireminecraft'. Kilmannan was stunned to see such a book, it looked almost ancient. He held the book with the utmost delicacy and open the book slowly the first page contained a green looking creature with writing below the picture ' Warning this creature is dangerous approach with extreme caution these explode if they get to close so you have 3 seconds to run away. Kilmannan Jumped to the thought of this creature and closed the book for the night. and he snuggled himself with his sword and well asleep.

    Suddenly he woke up to a scream, he laid there eyes wide opened, heart beating fast, adrenaline pumping wondering if it was his imagination was getting the better of him then he herd it again, He grabbed his stuff and ran towards the screaming. Running through the night hitting bushes, leaves falling into a river with no light to see but the direction of the screaming to find himself standing in a a field, with a shadowy figure in front of him. "Hello are you all right?!" he asked but no reply "Helllo? are you okay" but still no answer, the figure turned around slowly to find the eyes of it glowing purple. Kilmannan jumped back thinking what the hell is that! it screamed again forcing Kilmannan to his knees, The figure approached him slowly waving from side to side he thought to himself I'm going to die this is the end, when suddenly another figure jumped from the trees with a torch in one hand and a sword in the other, " Get out of here! Get away!" He yelled and as fast as it was there it vanished, not a trace of it was left. "Are you all right?" asked the man, "I'm fine thanks to you, what was that?" Kilmannan replied it was an Enderman, I've been stalking him for two days." "I'm sorry for letting him get away" Kilmannan replied "It's all right I'd rather save a life then take his, the names Ryukk what's yours?" "Kilmannan nice to meet you" shaking each others hand. "Where are you travelling Ryukk?" he asked curiously, "Where ever the road takes me, in this case the fields" Ryukk responds laughing to himself " Want to travel with me? I have no destination so agreed?" Kilmannan asks, " Heck why not!? " Ryukk replies Happily.

    A Month passed and it seems that Kilmannan and Ryukk were brothers born together, brought up together, they have battled creatures, helped fellow strangers out. As they walked along a cracked cobble road red and yellow flowers everywhere they were chatting to each other, laughing when suddenly they look up to find black smoke in the distance they look at each other and thought the same thing, Adventure!. They start to run towards the smoke they end up at a village it seems it was attacked during the night bodies on the ground, Kilmannan nor Ryukk have ever seen these type of people before. Kilmannan grabbed his book out and flicked through the pages suddenly stopped to find a picture of the exact people, "They're monks!" he replied, "Huh" replied Ryukk, "The book says they're monks peaceful people secluded from the world" Kilmannan read out loud. An old man appeared from behind the houses he looked like he was the leader. "Hello Kilmannan and Ryukk, we have been expecting you." Ryukk and Kilmannan look at each other jaws dropped, How do you know our names? Kilmannan replied "We know all we are the monks of the north, you were sent here to help us, free us from the evil" the old man replied. Kilmannan looked around looking at the village it was a mess, No fresh water, low food, barely any shelter and no security, Ryukk turned to Kilmannan " I think this is what we are here for to help these poor people, this is OUR adventure!" he said Kilmannan nodding his head then turning back around to the old man " We will help you " The old man smiled"

    What will be next for these two brave adventurers you'll have to stay tuned! :D

    P.S I wrote this at 6am in the morning, so there may be alot of grammar issues so go easy on me lol.

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  5. I really enjoyed reading this. I can definitely excuse your grammar, seeing as you've written this tale in the morning. (Though, I usually write my BEST at times most people are asleep, though. Wierd fact about moi)
  6. I wrote it once but i i clicked one button and lost it all so i had to re-write it again lol. The next installments will be smaller as this was the back story and i didn't want it being a paragraph long. :) Photo's will also uploaded shortly