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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by batmegh, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. so i wanted to ask for some help, i don't have the funds, and i don't know if i will have the funds to buy my little sister a minecraft account that works.
    she's been using mine for about 3 years and she's been stuck with single player because i was told that you can't be logged in at two places at once?
    - i'm also worried she'll mess up my account with things on other places and i'd rather she have her own.

    i've got 3$ in my paypal account, i only need about 24$ to help me get to the amount i need to make her account go live.

    is anyone willing to help me buy it for her? she's got herself her own account which she's sent me the information to.. it just needs to have the verification so she can play online.

    i'd be willing to trade the purchase for it with rupees, or something? lolol

    thanks! :)
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  2. I can get you an account for free :D Maybe a boring name, but it will do, right?
  3. i suppose it will, lol, could possibly hold her over until she can buy her own account? lol
  4. I can't help sorry. But the the first thing I thought when I saw this thread is "You have a robin you your batman." ^_^
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  5. It's my alt jesieawesome.. idk I can let you have the account. When you're done with it.. Please send back info.. I will give it by thursday
  6. well if you're still going to be using it, i don't want to take it from you. i don't know how long it will take her to buy her own account, she's only 13 lol

  7. hmmm........
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  8. I would help if I could batt...I am just not sure what to do :p
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  9. send approximately 24$ to my paypal, as i have 3$ already in my account and then i can make hers go live. lol or at least as much as you could, anything would help me get to that goal.
  10. I don't think you guys are getting the point of this thread....it's not to see who has the most alts or most money. (EDIT: Dwight took care of it) I hope someone is able to help your sister out batt. If anyone can, should they just PM you?
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  11. I may be heading to the store later this week. I can purchase one of those accounts there, where it gives you a code (so I think that's how it works). I can give you the code?

    If I'm going insane and this doesn't exist then I can't help you out. Sorry :/
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  12. We get it, you all have strong Minecraft account game, but lets help out Batts.
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  13. if anyone can help with a gift code, or sending money to my paypal then yes, that would be greatly appreciated! sorry, i was asleep.
    and if you can help, or have a code, or want to send money then just pm me. :)
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  14. I wish I had spare money.. It's a waste if you just buy it...
  15. Megh's, I'm cleaning up some of the nonsense on your thread if you don't mind.
  16. thanks dwight, :)
  17. bump, i'll be away doing laundry most of the day. i'll get back to anyone who responds in a few hours. :)
  18. Bump for bat!!
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  19. I took care of passing on an ALT to battmeghs for her little sister. :)
    No money needed for the exchange. This was a gift account given to me by iSmooch a long while back when we were both Moderators. :)
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  20. That reminds me.. I need to bug his comic thread...

    EDIT : Dang, I realize he's a bit inactive..

    Anyways, glad you got an account batt, sorry I couldn't do anything about it...
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