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  1. Hey all I try to log on to any server and is says blah blah blah code:502 for URL then a website. Help?
  2. Happened to Me too
    Jeb_ Ninja Update?
  3. What does that mean?
  4. I am having the same problem. It appears to be another issue with the servers.
  5. Jeb_ Is Updating Minecraft I Think
  6. I believe it is because Minecraft Auth Servers are down.
  7. Hm. Im also having trouble updating to 1.2.5. Yes I forgot to update like forever ago. Can anyone help with this? This might be related.
  8. It is you will have to wait till the Auth servers are back up.
  9. Ah. Well still do you know how to help? Or does anyone?
  10. You will have to wait till they are back up.
  11. I meant about the update thing
  12. I repeat myself: You will have to wait till they are back up
  13. Oh I thought you meant the servers but this has been going on for a while.
  14. Minecraft's Auth servers are down, but for some reason it is only affected those of us trying to join now, not those already in the servers. However, I fear everything everybody is doing while the Auth is down will be reset after the fix is created. However, a solution proposed by one of the members of the bukkit dev team is in the server options file to set the servers "online-mode" to false. I believe we should contact both Justin and ICC and let them know.
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  15. I do my research :p
  16. Ok everyone the server is fixed. Thanks for all the info as I am a noob when it comes to this stuff!
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