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  1. Even time I go into server 6 it says "Bad login". I think it will say it for all the severs.
  2. This is a common Mc issue. Restart your Minecraft.
  3. This happens to me sometimes, and I just close minecraft and start it again. This has always worked for me.
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  4. lol this is because you opened 2 mc tab things and tried to login on both.when you closed one it was probably the one that was logged in so you just need to sign in again on a new tab.
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  5. How do I do that?
  6. What do you mean, "How do I do that?" You close your minecraft and then start it again.
  7. Never mind how do you get you material's back? That you got from the begginging?
  8. Did you use up the materials? If you didn't they should still be in your inventory. If you used them, then you can't get them back.
  9. No I died
  10. Ah, that's something else entirely. When you die, your things are left sitting on the ground. If you run back quickly enough, you can get them back. Unfortunately, so can anyone else who happens to come across them. They will also despawn after a certain amount of time if another player is close to them. If you remember where you died, you can go back and see, but if it's been a while, they are probably gone.
  11. But I can't find them I died in a cave
  12. I have sent you a message in private convo with your last death details, including coordinates, from about 7 hours ago, hopefully the chunk isnt a busy one and they may still be there.
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  13. I believe you should totally send a hug to shaunwhite1982, most people are just 'too bussy' to help xP
  14. That being said, the hug belongs to Justin, it takes about 2 clicks of the mouse to have that information thanks to square. :)
  15. I don't get it
  16. Square is the moderation 'tool' that Justin has invented which places all the pertinent information regarding players at our fingertips, such as session data, deaths, reports against etc. :)
  17. Imma go ahead and cry on how awesome this server is :p
    So yeah send your hugs to both:
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  18. Hugs for everyone, and kisses too, for being so darn cool!