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  1. Hello EMC!

    About an hour or two ago, I had an urge to organize my chests.
    I mined all of them down and had the items on the floor.
    I didn't know about Despawning before this, so I went to AFK.
    When I came back literally everything in those chests were gone.
    The only "items" I had left in were the things in my shop and my inventory.

    I wanted to quit EMC, but I loved the great, heartwarming community and I knew I could build back to what I had before.

    The most valuable things I had (from Auctions) were 4 DCs of Bows from GeistKitsune, a DC of Gold Swords from ChumMiner, a DC of Arrows from Bro_I'm_Infinite, and almost a DC of iron ingots from MocoMiner, as well as my 9 pots of golds, 4 Cupid Bows, and lots of other promos, which were not from Auctions.

    I am saying this as I need help to rebuild my strength of EMC, as well as my residence.

    If you would like to donate items or rupees I would greatly appreciate it. Mccu0 and ww2fan168 have donated some food, chests, and other items, as well as some rupees.

    Thanks for all your support and the great community of EMC who persuaded me to stay!

  2. And now I need a Pot of Gold and a Cupids Bow or I get banned from the marketplace :(
  3. Thanks to Cadenman2002 for donating both these items!