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  1. uggh on smp1 some one stole my stuff in the wilder ness at the spawn point around south and now im the one being banned for trying to get my stuff bac when it says no stealing clearlyo n the rules and yet the steal it and im the one whos getting banned for it and a mod is also a mod (malicai) is being told what to by yarthodle and is how im getting banned and kicked and without resons and i also got accuse of stealing when ive got a screen of my inventory bbefore and after please hel me get my stuff back im being robed and not being helped!! i lost 150 lvls worth of stuff! and 32 diamonds worth!!!!:mad::mad::mad::eek:
  2. and if i dont get it back i cant be bothered any more it took me too much exp to lvl my stuff:(
  3. msg another mod on the website
  4. If Malicaii12 is the one looking into this, message them. Send them a private conversation over the EMC site, explaining clearly what your situation is. Include any screenshots you have in the private conversation, by uploading them to a site like imgur.