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  1. I need to join a certain league on for fantasy football and i can't join.
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  2. Have you tried turning it off, and then turning it on again?
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  3. when in doubt, smash your computer with a sludge hammer...
  4. no, i don't even know how to join it whatsoever.
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  5. Erm contact their support lol, I dont know poop about nfl let alone their website :p
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  6. ok, this is not helping. The draft is in 2.5 hours and i NEED to join!
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  7. Want is different than need.
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  8. You probably should have prepared beforehand, and also you should maybe try Google.
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  9. That sounds like something from big bang...
  10. well, considering i was accepted into the league today doesn't help me
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  11. Here is the registration/Login page:

    Once you have registered and logged in, you can join a league here:

    Other than that, don't ask me because I've never tried fantasy football. A Minecraft forum doesn't seem like a very good place for fantasy football advice. Although there are people here who have played it, I would expect that they would have their own support.
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  12. So, you wouldn't know how to join a private league.
  13. Just smash your computer, just smash it...
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  14. ok taylor i am not going to smash my computer, as it is my family's computer. So please stop saying that.
  15. I had this issue to, look for a join league and enter you league number and password
  16. Yea minner can you pm me the league number
  17. Smashing your computer will solve everything...
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  18. Sludge hammer? wut?
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  19. i got it all figured out thanks to TheMinner333. Thanks Min!
  20. Well, smash your computer anyways...