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  1. My Minecraft 1.6 launcher won't load. When I click on it, it just bounces and does nothing else. Eventually, it says Application not responding. I can still play my 1.5 launcher, but I can't play the 1.6 one. What do I do?
  2. Redownload it? If you have mods that could be messing. Maybe your computer can't handle it.
  3. for me well i had the same but i deleted some stuff from my comp, did a lil cleanup,
  4. Like what?
  5. when "we" (me and my father) got the comp we both used it, since then he got his own so i deleted his photos, videos etc (yes he agreed)
  6. Thanks for the advice, i'll do that .
  7. just with a little difference, not your father s files but the ones nobody needs anymore
  8. I don't think deleting files will do much good unless you have a full hard drive (I think you can check that with the Task Manager). Try these few things
    - Uninstalling and then re-downloading Java
    - Deleting visible all Minecraft applications and re-downloading
    - Starting a fresh .minecraft if you're prepared to lose everything (keep a backup in-case it doesn't work)
    - Right clicking and opening Minecraft as an administrator.
  9. Hmm. I'll try his idea first, because what you said sounds a bit too difficult for me to manage.
  10. I had this problem a few days ago.
    It was from using the lite loader installer, and the cascaded tweaks were weird and goofed up all my other profiles ;3
    What I did to fix it, was delete everything in .minecraft and re-run minecraft. It just downloads everything again, but from the site.
  11. Just let me know what you don't understand. I was trying to polite, but deleting random files doesn't help. :p
  12. (White/black screen) Do you play on the browser?
    This happend to my bro. All I had to do was download it instead =/
    (1inch till load bar done) that is fixed by updating your java or any other apps on your computer
    Also if those didnt work/help read the crash reports in your .minecraft folder
    (Push start and type %appdata%) and read the readable stuff (once a threat was in a crash :/)
    If mods are incompatable then you have to remove some of them
    Nu help still :/? Then you may have virusus. Made my minecraft UNPLAYABLE
    So get a virus scanner to see if you have any
    Sry if this didnt help :(