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  1. Well, as many of you members may know, I'm usually a positive and happy guy, but after what happened with my girlfriend today, I may never be like that again. I need someone to talk to, so if anyone with kik can text me on that, I'd love it. Send me a message with the words "Hey, I read the help thread, my name's "insert minecraft username here", what happened?" and I'll tell you everything. Be prepared for a LOT of drama. My username is the same on there as it is on here, so if someone can help, I'd love it. Thank you!
  2. Thanks to BilboBaggins23 for helping me with my problem! You're like the nicest person I know! Thank you!!!!
  3. Mind sharing it on here and how it was solved?
  4. I already messaged you on Skype.
  5. Well then. Mind sharing with us what happened? I don't have Kik.