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  1. So i posted a ban appeal for advertising with the mod that banned me and he hast done anything. so what do i do?
  2. You wait...
  3. When you PM the Mod who banned you and make your appeal you just have to sit tight and wait until they can get to it. If it has been several days I think you're allowed to bump the conversation.
  4. Wait for a reply to your appeal, and hope.
  5. If you were banned for advertising, then you advertised (unless the rare occasion of a mod clicking on the wrong person happened)

    Just wait for a response, I presume you PMed a mod with a ban appeal, as there is no record you posting anything else on the forums other than this post.

    EDIT: Ninja'd... twice...
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  6. Oh, I get it, maybe the mod is busy, or the reason that you were banned for will never get you back >.>
  7. its been like two weeks. plus the mod is on like every day
  8. Try another mod, but theres not a big chance for you to come back :confused:
  9. All we can tell you is to wait it out. Maybe bump the message? We're not really able to help you out if you're banned even if it is a simple "Hey, did you get Markus' message?" I believe.
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  10. how do i bump the message?
  11. Just write something
  12. You made the conversation where ignoramoose could not respond. Please try again but make sure other people can reply.
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