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  1. hi im retsamThor

    ive just registered here
    and im struggeling because i cant get on any empire server
    and google isnt helping any at all

    can any of you tell me what i have to do to get on a empire server ?
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  2. smp(number)

    Just use that to log in, i suggest smp7 ;)
  3. Can you elaborate? What happens when you try to connect?
  4. Go to multiplayer then to direct connect and type:
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  5. Stop this blasphemy! The correct server is :p
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  6. Join :p
  7. Lol. But to be helpful to him, smp1 is always the most full, and smp2 is the most talkative.
  9. You cant expect help in this thread, as long you dont tell us what you exactly did and where you failed. Also every behavior of mc and error messages!
  10. As most of you know smp2 is the best!
  11. is the ip u seek.

    Change the no. go go to any server, i recommend smp1
  12. Guys stop that server ip spam, thats not what the thread owner was interested in!
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  13. ive finally made it able to connect and im in smp7 just gotta get trough the horendous tutorial
  14. Smp7 FTW!
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  15. YAY, when I get on, ill hug you ._.
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  16. Read the guide, and its very very easy.
  17. It is worth it. It forces you to read the guide, or at least learn about EMC and how to start out fine.

    I hope you enjoy it here. This is the best server ever. :)
  18. Welcome to EMC! No matter which server you are on there is always a great community. As for the tutorial, the empire guide ( look at top of page) is your best friend. Again welcome to EMC! As long as you follow all the rules youll have a great time!
  19. no, no, no, no!
    the correct IP is:
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