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  1. Okay, so I needed some extra rupees, so I go to do the vote thing to get 100r more, and when I clicked on the first link, it brought me to the site like normal, but when I typed in my name and pressed vote, it said this:
  2. Ok, I can't get the picture to work. I will try some other things to get it to work, but it said, and this is pasted:

    Confirm Vote

    Sorry, but your IP address must wait about 42 years before voting again.

    You are about to vote for Empire Minecraft [24/7 MULTI-SERVER] [LEGIT] [SMP] [NO WHITELIST]. You can only vote once in a 24 hour period. If you would like to continue, press vote!

    Minecraft Username


  3. And now it worked, sorry about the question and thread, I was just really confused.