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  1. Hey. I don't know how to join the servers. If someone knew how to and could tell me that would rock. Please help. Thanks.
  2. Click multiplayer and then choose add server. type in one of these addresses:

    and choose done, then just click that server in the list and choose join.
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  3. Dude. You ROCK!!:)
  4. Urm... not dude... Panda's is female...;)
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  5. Depends on who they were referring to.
  6. Fixed it!
  7. Dudette just doesn't work.
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  9. They can't do anything other than visit xD
  10. So... =P
  11. Piggy is forever alone
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  12. *Pig* Yay!
    *Piggehs Phone* Screen lights up*
    *Pig* Notices it has charged to full battery*
  13. Dont you have to sign up on the website before you can join?
  14. If they hadnt signed up, how would they have posted this thread? -_-
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  15. Not unless someone gives them perms! :)
  16. Pahaha