help !

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  1. i can't connect to any server :( help !.JPG
  2. Who? What family? Im stumped. Do they mean my family? Your family? IcC's Family?
  3. A.K.A

    You got banned
  4. Hes not banned
  5. Not banned.

    Check your add/remove programs for "RelevantKnowledge." If it is there, remove it....
  6. it's every server lol... but i can login with the same account on a different pc :p
  7. ehm
    it said first you couldn't remove the map cause it was "used" in a program but i restarted pc and got it removed can play again :D
  8. i also rescaned my pc with avast nothing found :)
  9. I was trolling with the banned part :D
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  10. i know ;)
  11. /ban creppa reason: trolling

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  12. User Creppa is not found.
  13. Trolling is only bannable when it's really bad trolling
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  14. My alt's name is Creppa

    Dum dum dum . . .
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  15. haha... too lazy to type the rest :)
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  16. Try reinstalling java and then restarting your pc,Fixes most errors.
    Also,Do "Force update"
  17. it's working again :) thx to the good replys