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  1. how do i take a screenshot well on the web. im on a toshiba satilite if that helps
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  2. windows 7? start snippingtool.exe
  3. Just so you know Jacob you're accepted at Final Wind :).
  4. If you have a FN button (function) hold that and press the Prnt Scrn button. Or just press the Prnt Scrn button. Minecraft you can do so with F2.
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  5. windows xp
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  6. thank you
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  7. press the prnt scr,prnt scrn, prntscn, prnscrn, or prnscn button.
    if you are running fraps, there is a screenshot hotkey in the options.
  8. and how do i then access the screenshot afterwords?
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  9. using fraps, it puts them in whatever folder you have it set to send them to, mine get sent to a folder called frapscreenies on my desktop.
  10. im not using fraps
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  11. then when you press the prntscrn button, it puts it in your clipboard, you have to enter paint or photoshop or some similar program, and edit>paste
    it into a new image