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  1. Hi I'm TaliTek, and, although I've been on smp6 for AGES, I still don't know how to make custom achievements. How my friends, how?
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  2. What custom achievements?
  3. On the Front Page of EMC - on the Right-Hand Column. Click on this

    Edit: or just click the one I put in
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  4. Some else had posted this recently... I couldn't figure out what it meant then - but it makes sense now :p
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  5. OK, now I've done that, I'm wondering how the hell I make it so I'm not a 'New Member.' I've been on smp6 for over a year!
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  6. It's based on trophy points. Just post/get likes (don't ask for them) and it'll disappear pretty quickly. :)
  7. Lso make sure you date correctly. :)
  8. You mean 196 days?
  9. Thats what I meant.
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  10. It's seems to me very few people who are still with the empire for a year I've only met a few and I'm 20 days short of that
  11. im almost a year...
    EDIT: i was here so long, i didnt have to make an account on the forums. that's how long ive been here. and why it says im not a year on EMC.
  12. Your forum sign-up date doesn't matter and is not how you measure it.
    I have been here for 370 days, and my best friend Hash98 (IRL and in-game) has been for 373.
    But we didn't create a forum account till October.
  13. but since then, they've made it so you have to create a forum account, so most people use that.
  14. I never had to I did so by choice.
  15. yeah, but now they've made it mandatory :p
  16. erm over a year :confused: SMp6 has been around for about 4-5 months
  17. I've been on since there WAS no smp6! or 5... or 4... i lived on 3.