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  1. I was travelling in the nether, then block glitched now im up here.....

    I can't get down... Please Someone...

    Btw Im on SMP9 in the nether.
  2. hmm pm a mod to ask for help such as shaunwhite or icc
  3. This is the second time... the first when I was stuck in the mob arena on smp5... :(
  4. place a block directly below should spawn you to back to nether spawn
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  5. Sweet thanks it worked!
  6. lol yea whatever way is faster lol
  7. bringing back a classic face palm
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  8. Good job - lol
  9. Place something and it puts you at spawn.
    Dwight beat me to it.
  10. Yeah 4k in 2 seconds!
  11. The quickest way to get back to nether spawn. Use enderpearls to glitch throught nether roof, place blcok teleport to spawn.
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  12. But that is using a glitch and is a bannable offence.