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what is happingn to my minecrat

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  1. please

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  2. When, and how is this occuring? If it is when connecting to a server, you have a add-on that the server does not support.
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  3. Try restarting your minecraft
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  5. I'm pretty sure that it tells you the server is out of date if this is the case.

    Tested, and found out I was partly right. A software error is his Add-ons. I get an internal error, Connection reset with 1.3
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  6. it happens when i go in a smp
  7. i dont have any add on's
  8. No mods at all? ARE you running 1.3 then?
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  9. i got no mods at all but i did update
  10. Nop, I get an identical error when I try to join EMC with 1.3
  11. Download SpoutCraft, its awesome.
  12. when will epm update
  13. within the next week hopefully
  14. i might just wait but ill lose my res
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  15. im on smp4 i got dimond blocks gold iron it will be all gone:mad:
  16. No they wont. They will ignore that policy until the update is done. And it doesnt actually delete your res at 10 days, it deletes res's when there is no room, and it deletes older ones first. I have a friend who hadnt been on for 40 days and he res is still here. Also, your signature contradicts this thread...
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  17. oh thats realy good
  18. Lol ignore my spelling and grammar mistakes please, my phone is hard to use on this site:)
  19. ok im not that good of a speller