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  1. So, i just bought my account from pateraterick. I don't know anything about empireminecraft. Whats the number thing that people refer to their address. After i bought pat's account diamond4me, i just spawn in a plot of land and chest stuffed with junk. Pat kept telling me that there is a tutorial at the bottom of spawn, i don't even know how to get to spawn. And he kept on telling me to do /r to check my balance, which is currently 8000r, is 8ooor a lot or nothing?
    And how do you travel?
    Is there a quick way to go to spawn?

    Btw, its diamond4me here. thx!
  2. It's called there res number.
    Type /spawn to get to spawn do /tutorial to get to tutorial.
    8000r is a good amount but your not rich.
    You travel by walking in the wild, teleporting around with commands in Town.
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    :oops: i forgot to tell you about it :oops: and
    the chest is not full of junk! Its my years of dirt collection! :p

    8k is quite a lot for starter, considering that you get 100r a day.....
    and never buy anything from /shop!
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  4. Thanks, it so good to see this site is alive!
  5. I am always on the look out for help threads! What smp are you on?
  6. smp2 ,i think. btw, how you be a well-known member?
  7. Get 100 likes on the forums
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  8. or get 887 like me! =P
    ( you will prolly get more then me )
    This is all refering to diamond4me.....
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  9. you wont be able to see if you are a supporter like me but i have 185 likes so i would be a well known member
  10. Even though its too late to help you: Everyone else did here's the answer to life's questions:
    1. EMC is the best server you will ever play on and will be filled with regret if you make a foolish decision too leave
    2. 10417. That is mine. To teleport to other people's 'res's' you must do /v (The Number or their name)
    3. That's probably ur res
    4. /tutorial
    5. /spawn
    6. So-so
    7. /v (number) or /spawn or /wild or /nether or /home
    8. /spawn
  11. You dont get Well-Known Member for getting 185 likes only.
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  12. Mark a word/sentence (highlight it with mouse shift-click or keyboard shift-move thing; just...highlight it) then click the "link" icon; looks like a metal link thingy. Post URL. ??? profit
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  13. 1. How do you think which server you play on? The ip shows doesnt it? Also the title: Well-Known Member is pretty self-explantory how to achieve it just saying
  14. I got Well-Known at 100 likes...
  15. I think the best way of helping a new member out is to link them to the guide, it will help them out more then telling the member that they need to do.
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  16. I have 168... guess they upped the standard.. or you had more Trophy Points