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  1. hey fellow empire minecrafters! i need some help! whenever i go to the 'end' then go back through the portal, i spawn in the wild and in MID AIR!!!! so whenever i come back from the end i spawn in the air, fall to the ground, and die! once this happened when i was carrying a silktouch pick and i lost 10k! so is there anyway to prevent spawning in mid air?
  2. Stop going to the end. lol jk :D if its the same area you spawn in every time try to build a platform there if its a diffrent area i don't know how to help you
  3. This normally happens if you had a bed placed in the wild before the last reset, and the server has remembered it as your spawn position. Try placing a bed in the wild someone safe and sleeping in it, then go to the end and come back. Hopefully it fixes the issue for you.
  4. ok, i will test both theories, thanks

    Edit: well, its always the one spot where i spawn in mid-air but i never slept at that spot either? but i might go try your theories now