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  1. how do you set up a FREE donate sign, i checked the guide and it still won't let me!!!!!!!!!

    i do it like this line 1 [blank]
    2 64
    3 S: FREE
    4 Glass

  2. Is the sign just not working or does it pop off when you hit done? If it's adjacent to another sign on the same block it won't be allowed.
  3. no i think it is:
    First line-Blank
    Second line- 64
    Third line- :S free
    Fourth line-Glass
    you gotta spaw the 'S' with the ':'
  4. Or just omit the colon altogether.
  5. no, i think you need the colon, because i think you can do:
    1st line-blank
    2nd line-64
    3rd line- : free
    4th line- glass
  6. You're right, my bad.
  7. It'll only work if you do :0 without an S
  8. Actually that won't work. The S is what can be omitted, the colon must always be there if it's a sell price.

    So ":FREE" is all you need on the third line.
  9. yer or :S free
  10. Has to be:
    :FREE S
  11. it can be:
    1st line- blank
    2nd line- 64
    3rd line- : FREE :S FREE : FREE S
    4th line- glass
  12. That is it! xD
  13. Agent_Notch
    B FREE
  14. The cake is a lie!