[HELP!] wither

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  1. The wither didnt drop a star! so bummed! wondering if ANYONE wants to donate any ammount of skulls, I dont even know if this is the place to ask but if im wrong can a moderator notify me please
  2. :eek: Hard luck... But that's odd because I was under the impression that Withers always drop a nether star?
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  3. They sould always drop a nether star have you looked around that area? Maybe even check you're inventory, It happend to me once with a dragon egg.
  4. when I was playing survival in singleplayer I once did not get a nether star.
  5. you can buy wither skulls from me :p
  6. It's not that they don't drop the stars so much as it's that the stars can be destroyed in the final explosion as the wither dies. I'd recommend taking a friend with you to help. That way, one player can stand below and grab the star while the other finishes the beastie off. I've killed/helped several doing it that way, and we've always gotten the star.
  7. Kinda reminds of someone I remember in the chat who wanted to "borrow" some wither skulls from people to spawn a wither skull for himself.
  8. I've killed about 24 Withers and lost three stars. It's unfortunate that it happened on just one, but it happens.
  9. The nether stars sometimes get destroyed when the wither explodes on death. Try again with a friend.
  10. I call vetoing the death explosion of withers!
  11. Guys, I had my mate with me, we spawned it 3 blocks in wild, then came into the protected spawn, one WAS under it, there was no explosion as it was in the protected area, therefore making it that the wither will NOT always drop a star.