Help with windows 8 running on macbook pro

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  1. Hello all!
    I have just installed windows 8 on my macbook pro (For school)
    And I need some help.

    Problem one:
    Multitouch/Right click

    I cannot use multi touch or rightclick :(
    No idea why...

    Problem two:

    I cannot connect to wifi.
    For some reason it won't accept that there is a wifi thing in it.

    If you can help me I will..
  2. I didn't think Windows was compatible with Mac but if you search up there is probably a patch or a fix for this around the Internet.
  3. Ohh trust me it is...
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  4. Get rid of windows and your fine :p. I think boot camp is currently only compatible with Windows 7. But if you got it on then :confused:. So, get a mouse as right click won't work on the track pad with windows. The wifi thing I have no idea what the problem with that is.
  5. The problem here is that there are no Boot Camp drivers installed for the Windows OS. Moreover, as stated here, Windows 8 is not officially supported by Boot Camp.

    What's happening right now is that the Windows OS is utilizing all the components in your computer with very basic, generic drivers by default. This is a typical case of any machine on the first boot of Windows; the OS doesn't have every single proprietary driver in the world.

    However, you might be in luck. The load-out of Boot Camp drivers provided by your Boot Camp software works for Windows 7, but it can still be used in Windows 8. Give this article a good read. Remember though, Apple hasn't written proper drivers specifically for Windows 8 (yet?), so expect outdated drivers and some things not working correctly.
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  6. Yea I know that it is the drivers fult..
    I am trying to find some that work