Help with Optifine!

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  1. Ok, All you smart people that know mods. First computer specs incase you need them
    MacBook 2008 OS X Lion

    So i downloaded Optifine and MagicLauncher and put optifine in the mod section and it says its ok. When I test it, nothing. Its all just the same regular minecraft.

    I downloaded:

  2. If you've downloaded 1.2.6 no wonder it's not working, you'll want to download 1.4.7/1.4.6 - There official link
  3. Did you actually test it by pressing ctrl to zoom in?
  4. Go to ESC > Video options, see if there are more options then before.
  5. Nothing
  6. Ok, Im deleting everything minecraft on my computer ( don't worry, made a back up of it and put it on an external hardrive ) and then doing your steps Pab
  7. Download 1.4.7 version? Maybe it'll help.
  8. Can't find it
  9. Doesn't exist, They didn't need to update it to 1.4.7 so they didn't
  10. Almost done coping everything...*sighs* this takes awhile
  11. Ok, then, follow these steps:
    1. Delete MagicLauncher
    2. Find your "Application Support" Folder.
    3. Open up the minecraft folder.
    4. Go to "bin" then change the name of minecraft.jar to
    5. Double-click to expand it and get a folder.
    6. Unzip the OptiFine folder and copy all of the class files.
    7. Go back to your expanded folder and paste the OptiFine class files into the folder.
    8. Change the extension of the folder back to .jar.
    9. Open Minecraft.
    10. ???
    11. Profit!
  12. I replaced the some of the .jars cause they had the same name thats bad i assume?
  13. You totally just screwed my minecraft up XD
  14. Ok, I fixed it.... Now I got to step 7 OH WAIT I DID IT WRONG
  15. I DID IT!!! but optifine isn't installed.... could u explain step 8 again? Thanks for your help
  16. That's the same problem I had with installing optifine on Mac Magic Launcher yesterday but then I resolved it by opening up the orignal downloaded optifine and highlighting all the files and right clicking to compress. I then used the compressed file because I heard in a tutorial that Magic Launcher cant always identify zip files. This extra step should help you with downloading optifine and it should work after :D

    Oh i see now that they are explaining the other way, ah I guess you could do that but it will be harder when downloading other mods later. It's easier to use magic launcher but you can use that method too.
  17. You forgot to delete META-INF folder?
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