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  1. I recently lost all my items and my res because I went away for vacation and forgot to post about it. So I'm starting a new res(1125) and I will need TONS of help. I'm trying to dig out my whole res and build a bedrock to sky parkour course filled with puzzles including combination locks (need help with that) teleporting puzzles and tons of fun parkour. Im making it all with dirt ( because I'm cheap and it's easy to obtain ) so donations would help a lot. I would also like help doing it. If I ( and people who help ) can complete this task I will make it absolutely 100% free. Say in the comment what you would like to do to help and I'll get to it. Note whenever I have to leave I'm going to turn of the perms just cause I know a lot of people like to grief ( not saying that most you do :p )

    I need people digging and people helping me build walls.

    Digging - is from main floor to bedrock (sadly I cannot supply any shovels cause I don't go into the wild anymore for diamonds and I lost my items) note each res have around 230,400 blocks. I did the math XD

    Wall building - easy to do just takes a while. I've completed one side already and it takes 4-5 double chests full of dirt. More diggers then wall builders are needed however.

    Red stone and other plugin help - I would like for it to have lots of different enjoyable things to do. I know Aikar is really good with redstone and how it works. Anyone else who is really good with it would be awesome. I also want teleport puzzles if you don't know what they are just ask this post is long enough already and I'll say in another comment.
  2. Teleport puzzles are multiple rooms with teleport pads in them. And the idea is to remember which teleport pad brings you were. And get to a certain area that would get you out
  3. If your going to dig out your res you will have so much dirt that you will never need dirt again.
  4. It's called... *Drum roll* Dragon eggs!
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  5. i had dragon eggs then i totally forgot about them.

    and 230,400 blocks of dirt is A LOT

    any help will be completely and totally amazingly awesome
  6. if i get my dragon eggs by then i might be able to help dig out, though i cant promise anything yet
  7. Looking for help
  8. I might be able to help a bit.
  9. How much do we get payed?
  10. you dont get paid but when its complete i will make it free
  11. I finished 1 wall and maybe a 10th of 2 mor... i would love some help
  12. He means with the new enderdragon egg update. When you get one after killing an enderdragon you can go back to your res and clear all dirt with it.

    Not dragon cave eggs :p