Help with Mettaton EX fight? (Undertale)

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  1. Hey there! I have recently gotten into Undertale. I am almost done with the core, however I cannot blow Mettaton EX's limbs off and getting a rating of 10,ooo. I always die before I can do any real damage. Any tips?
  2. Rating tips:

    "Pose" will give more ratings the lower your health is.\
    "Boast" will make your ratings rise as long as you don't get hit. If you get hit, your ratings will drop by 100 and the rise will stop.
    Burgerpants food will give extra ratings when eaten, while Catty and Bratty's junk food will deduct 50 ratings.

    In the essay, the following words (whether alone or in a sentence) give ratings.
    Legs: 350
    Toby: 300
    Dancing: 250
    Hair: 200
    Voice: 200
    Nothing: 80
    Curse words: -150
    Other: 100
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  3. Well, Undertale is violent. xD Good Luck beating the level/boss because I don't play the game. :)
  4. More complicated than it seems lol