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  1. I have two game questions that I hope someone can help answer. I have two farms in my residence. A wheat farm and a sugarcane farm. My questions are. This farms won't collect while I'm away right? Also if I create this farms in frontier or wilderness will they still work? Or will it be the same that I have to be within range in order for them to work? And if I leave my computer running it keeps logging me out every 15 minutes. Thank you to anyone that could help.
  2. nothing stays loaded, it would cause too much lag, so someone has to be near them. also if you do no actions for 15 minutes and the server becomes full it will kick you after 15 minutes
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  3. So the only time a farm would work is if your near it? Do you know the distance a player has to be in order to activate it.
  4. within three chunks