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  1. I have a really stupid question. To claim a residence on the live map it says I have to enter chat command /claim number of lot. Question: how do I enter chat commands.
  2. press t
  3. You enter the command in-game, the live map is just for reference :)
  4. I have an even dumber question. How do you get in-game on a server so you can claim a plot.
  5. You need to launch Minecraft (you obviously own it because you could join the site :) ). And then click on multiplayer. For the address use one of the ones you find on this page :
  6. Thank you so much and sorry for the stupid questions
  7. Questions are just questions, they ain't "stupid" or "smart" :)
  8. Well....not knowing how to get on the server... and not thinking of launching MC, sorry, just, you must be new to Multiplayer.
  9. I am. I've played single player for months.
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  10. Welcome to multiplayer, it is hard to believe but it is even better :)