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  1. So ever since yesterday I've been having problems with my computer, it semed to me like the problems came out of nowhere. The problems arose when I simply manually turned off my computer with the power button because I turned it on by accident. When it turned it back on I selected the start as Normal from the safe mode menu thing. I then left the room to come back to find my PC did a disk check, so I let it and logged on as usual. Everything was fine until it came to connecting to the internet. My network adapter driver will not work at all, so I try all the regular checks (driver update, uninstall and reinstall driver, troubleshooting etc.) but that didn't fix anything. Then I noticed that all the security software had been disabled and it would not let me re-enable. When I tried to system restore to a safe location, that wouldn't work either which leads me to believe this may be a virus. Forgot to mention, I'm on Windows 7
    Below is all the possible things that could have caused to problem, to my knowledge:

    1) The disk check went wrong and something got corrupted (seems unlikely)
    2) the Windows security update I thought I did (although when I looked at my installed updates, None were done on the day of the problems) went wrong
    3) Virus (seems likely)
    4) The network adapter is actually faulty, although it seems unlikely as its only 1 years old and in good condition

    Sorry the thread isn't very organized and detailed as I would like but doing this on my phone takes a while, I would be happy to provide further details if anyone can help and thanks in advance for reading.
  2. Contact windows support :) They might help for once :p Good luck
  3. Network adapter are not built to last. It is entirely possible it went bad. My network adapters never last more than a year or two, then they fail.
  4. Have... Have you tried turning it off and back on again
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