help!!!! wierd lines on my mac (laptop) screen!!!

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  1. ok so earlier today i was using my computer and i needed to charge it so i plugged the charger in then when i walked back to my laptop there where wierd markings on the screen i tried to wipe it off and it wouldint come off and it seems to be inside the screen also it looks like it is cracked but i felt it and there was nothing? please help!!!!!!! it seems to be a problem within the screen
  2. i think thats very bad
  3. take it to the apple store or contact them (look up there number at )
  4. That sounds pretty bad :confused:. Nothing was dropped on it? Nobody did anything to it? Static electricity? Try restarting? I've no idea.
  5. Could you take a picture of it and post it? It'll help.
  6. Exactly what happen to my computer!
    My charger fell on it, the screen got cracked my on the inside.
    Id recommend you go get it repaired at A computer repair place.
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  7. ill post a picture when i am able to :)
  8. The LCD is going out. U need a new screen. This happened to me too
  9. Yeah, your LCD lights are broken. The only way to fix that is to get a new screen which is probably going to cost more than a new mac.
  10. Naw a new screen will run you 300-400$
  11. the computer was only 300$ O_O