[HELP] Whats wrong with my ocean?

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  1. So I went out exploring and this kept happening:
    2015-05-06_10.27.52.png 2015-05-06_10.27.42.png
    Can anybody help me?
  2. 2015-05-06_10.38.58.png
    Here is another...
  3. Seems to be left over bits from the last wastelands. Interesting
  4. Im at a point where I can't even move... Aikar, where are you when I need you :eek:
  5. If the wastes are still like that I might not be able to restock your shop till its fixed.
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  6. Not all of the waste... Just certain areas where the chunks glitched i beleive
  7. Looks like the result of major lag and/or chunks not loading.
  8. I found that it was fine until I got really deep thats when it happened. I was right at the outpost thingy and it was perfectly fine. Then I went out really far and it started happening.
  9. I dont have major lag though, so its probably just the chunks.
  10. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it??
  11. I am literally stuck in the middle of something right now and have been for the past hour. Halp?
  12. I was just out there and don't have the same issue.
  13. It must be my laptop/my network, I'm currently restarting Minecraft right now and hopefully it will fix it.
  14. It looks like you are using Optifine. I had the same problem with it.

    In your Minecraft video settings, try turning your VBO's to "On" if you haven't already and setting your chunk render distance to 8. It worked for me.
  15. Ok, everything is back to normal, could you please close this thread.
  16. Oh ok, thanks! But I is not using optifine....
  17. This is an old 1.8 bug. It can be fixed by reducing render to 7 chunks.
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  18. Ninjad by BK, I have had this once n\before, I sadly do not know how I got it fixed for 8+ chunks
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  19. This is an AMD drivers problem with 1.8, and it is fully client side.
    It has nothing to do with your ocean, but all of MC.
    (I have this problem too..)
    Sometimes you have to reduce it even more... :oops:
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  20. Ohh.. I forgot.. I fixed this a while ago, and only now realized :p

    Turn VBOs on (settings)