Help, What Should My Prices Be?

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  1. Okay, well. I have recently made a shop, however i don't know what my prices should be. I want them relatively cheap but at the same time for me to make a profit. Any suggestions on what the should be? Thanks.
  2. that depends on what you're selling, and which server you're selling it on. Your best bet would be to go around to other stores on your server and take notes on their prices.
  3. Well I am selling,
    -Wooden Planks
    And -Glass
    And it is on sever 4.
  4. Try
    -Stick - 64 for 5
    -Torch - 64 for 15
    -Stone - 64 for 20
    -Dirt - This one most people give for free.
    -Cobblestone - 64 for 12
    -Wooden Planks - 32 for 5
    -Coal - 16 for 16
    -Glass - 64 for 40
  5. Okaaay, Thaankyouu!.
  6. I price by my effort. If Diamonds take me three hours to get not even a half of a stack, the price goes up. If it takes me less time, the price goes down. Also, comforming to Supply and Demand seems to work well for me. I encourage my patrons to also let me know if a price seems wrong and/or too steep. People in the Empire are for the most part very friendly, and so working with them will build a good client relationship and friendship with your patrons. Hope this helps!
  7. thanks^^, that helped :)
  8. hmm those prices above are low compared to SMP2

    32 Goal goes for 64r on smp2.
    and 64 stone goes for 50r
  9. Yea cos im probably one of the few shop that sell at that low :)
  10. Correct ;P
  11. Ah then I should buff up my coal price :D cos i made 16 for 12r before :D
  12. I tend to use Leo as a good "market value" estimator.

    If you can sell directly to his trade shop for 32r, you should be selling in your own shop higher than that :p Otherwise your just losing money.
  13. im adding more to my shop, any ideas (like everything)
    and come visit me at /v 8926.