[Help] Wastelands Reset

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  1. I have asked around on servers 1 and 9, along with a mod, and they all say the wastelands have been reset.

    My home server, smp5, has not. The wastelands is still the same as it was on launch. The head booth I made in May is still there.

    I want to know, why hasn't smp5's wastelands been reset when all of the other servers have? Is it a bug or did the other servers not reset at all?

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  2. I have the same question :p
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  3. huh, that's a bit strange :confused:
  4. Get an admin/ seinor staff to look at it.
  5. If horses only spawn in newly generated plains, no wonder I had horrible luck yesterday -_-
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  6. I'll send them a pm. As for any staff looking at this: any idea how much longer it will be till smp5 wastelands are reset, and what the problem is?
  7. I haven't checked SMP 7 wastelands yet, but when the PRA in the fronteir was meant to be reset a while back - I don't think it did on 7...
  8. Hey guys. SMP5 was done just now. Sorry for the delay. We have to do each one manually so Aikar, Maxarias, and I both took 3 and in the middle of us resetting them, a stupid bug popped up with 1.6.2 that was kind of a big deal and got us a little side tracked fixing it.