[Help Wanted] Managers with Supplying Abilities

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  1. This is a sub thread for Deluxe Inc. (WND Supplies) http://empireminecraft.com/threads/wnd-building-supplies.26696/

    Help Wanted! WND Supplies is looking for players that are fimliar with helping with getting blocks, stocking, and supplying! We need managers for help in finishing orders for our Company. Helping with orders and with getting blocks for the individual order will earn your rupees forward to the order. We are looking for players who have been known for the Economy, including supplying, shop owning, and etc.

    I wasn't sure if this would be the appropriate thread to place in Businesses & Services, but if this is not the correct place to place this thread in, please place it in the appropriate category, Moderators. :)

    To sign up to become a manager, PM the staff,(wisepsn, Defluxer), and we will await your application!

    --- All applications in the comments will be ignored!! Start a conversation with the staff! ---

    What you have to PM:

    In game username:
    What business experiences do you have:
    Have you ever been banned?(If so, why?):

    (After you have started your conversation you will be asked a few questions and your application will be awaited!)